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Oak Park Plaza

Oak Park Plaza on the corner of University Ave. and 109th Ave. in Blaine sat abandoned for many years after Jubilee Foods went out of business. The Blaine City Council and staff worked diligently with the property management company to redevelop this retail center. We were thrilled to secure Cub Foods as a new anchor for the shopping mall. The Council authorized Tax Increment Financing to help make possible a project that would not have happened otherwise. The new Cub Foods has been a boon to the whole area. The new parking lot and an exterior upgrade were huge improvements to this shopping area. A blighted property was brought back to life and is having a positive impact on the surrounding neighborhoods. Oak Park Plaza has since created many employment opportunities.

Personally, I love having that grocery store there. I drop in at least twice a week. As long time customers of Ace Hardware, we are excited to see them thrive again. Plus, my wife and daughters are thrilled to have a nail salon in there.

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