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Fogerty Ice Arena

Congratulations to Fogerty Arena on their 40th Anniversary! It was an honor to celebrate with you tonight.

I had the privilege of serving as the Blaine City Council representative to the Fogerty Arena Board of Directors for 18 years. Fogerty’s mission is to keep ice related athletics affordable. During my time on the board, I helped them work to meet their mission and become one of the best best run ice rinks in the entire state of Minnesota. I am grateful to be one of the 1.75+ million people who get to visit throughout the year.

My family was part of the Blaine Youth Hockey program and are avid supporters of the high school teams. We spent a lot of time at Fogerty building great memories and want to continue to see them grow.

Thank you to the Fogerty Staff and Board Members for your continued dedication to youth sports and our community.

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