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Dave Clark 5 Top Priorities

With the November 8th general election less than three months away, I would like to share my Dave Clark 5 Top Priorities for the next two years:

1. Improve Highway 65 - We need to continue to work with federal, state, county, and local officials to improve the safety and traffic flow on Highway 65. 2. Encourage business growth and retention - A positive business climate benefits all of us, which is why I am committed to fostering the skilled workforce and creative entrepreneurial community that will grow and sustain the economic demands in our county. 3. Keep a lid on taxes and spending - As an advocate for the taxpayers, I am proud to have played a lead role in providing property tax relief for Blaine taxpayers during the 2008 recession. This will continue to be a priority for me as so many in our community face economic hardships. 4. Support law enforcement - Public safety is a core function of our government, and our residents and businesses need to feel safe in the community. 5. Uphold Anoka County as a great community - From the friendly people and quality neighborhoods, to the trails, parks, and world class athletic facilities - Anoka County is a fast growing community with a bright future.

I look forward to continuing to support county efforts for improving our community and being an advocate for the residents of Blaine and Spring Lake Park.

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